DIY Augmented Reality Toys for the iPad

Your child wants to play with the new Cars augmented reality iPad app, but the ship time for the toys to your country is 4 months. What do you do? You hack your own. Read on to see the clever hack in action.

Johan von Konow ordered a set of AppMates Mobile Application Toys (specifically, the Cars 2 augmented reality toys) to go with the free Cars 2 iPad app. The only problem was that it would take 4 months to arrive in Sweden–that’s an excruciatingly long time for a small child to wait for a toy.

In the interim, Konow came up with a very clever hack. He hacked apart Cars-themed Pez dispensers (which had plastic toppers roughly the same size as the actual AppMates toys) and retro-fitted them with conductive foam. Watch the video above to see them in action and then hit up the link below for his well documented and photographed hack.

Homemade iPad Augmented Reality Cars [via Make]

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